Getting Raw

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In my quest to be more “me”, I stumbled across a video named Food Matters. The video touched on organic foods, raw foods, and detoxing/cleansing. As I’m back on track on losing weight and being healthy, I jumped right in! I went to an organic market near my home that had a great selection of prepared raw foods and juices. I dropped 5 lbs right away! My initial goal really was not to shed the pounds but just to be healthy. I know it’s not normal to have headaches every day, to feel tired when you wake up from sleep, and to get sick. I found Raw Reform and The Raw Food World. There is copious amounts of information and products to purchase at very very reasonable prices. The products are high quality and less expensive than even my grocery store! I’m having a great AND challenging path to healthy. Some days I do absolutely great and then others I completely flop. 😦 Especially this past Halloween! But there are a lot of recipes I’m excited to try and am loving all the fruits and vegetables I have somewhat neglected. Oh and Almond milk is awesome! Who knew 🙂


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