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Well, after 20 years of wanting to visit my home again in Puerto Rico, I was finally able to! And the best part was that I was able to go with my 7 year old son. So my family met him and he met Puerto Rico. It was a lovely experience being able to show my child the things I used to do for fun, see the places I saw, and eat the things I ate. Because as “American” as I am now, life was very different in Puerto Rico. So it was a true moment of sharing who I was with him.

El Yunque

He loved it there! He tells everyone “it’s paradise!” And it kind of is… We went to El Yunque – the Rainforest, the castles and forts in Old San Juan, the beach, the mountains; we did it all. The best part was the food. I’m so glad I planned my trip around the different foods I wanted to eat. And thank God I did a lot of walking to balance it out!

However, for me it was bittersweet. It was so wonderful being back and experiencing my childhood memories, but a lot of the family has changed. People have moved away, separated, and are just plain old. There weren’t any parties or major dinners, nothing of what I remember. It was a dark reminder, that times are bad – everywhere. People are living day to day in a struggling economy and lifestyle.

Nonetheless, it was a nice 7 day vacation with family and memories. Best of all, no work or stress. Just food and drinks!


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