Thursday is the new Friday

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Things have been so different for me in the last couple of months.They just really seemed to fall into place. My toe/foot fracture healed up immensely, being a mom and being a single woman felt more natural, lots of new feelings and things have happened. New in relation to the last year or so. I felt like I was in college again! I can’t even really pinpoint why things changed. Suddenly life wasn’t so stressful, things didn’t upset me as much, I was happy. I tend to be a pretty introspective person, and when my every day feelings change like this, I have to ask myself; why?
Although certain circumstances have changed, I think there’s something else in me that has changed. It’s wonderful right now. I feel like everything is ok. Life is a journey and I am on it! I wake up wondering what tomorrow will bring for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. It’s a new day and I am eager to know what it holds for me.
I have met new people, I have bonded with some old ones. I have experienced cycles with both. And life is good. Life is interesting and bizarre and crazy and that’s what makes it worth while.


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