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In my efforts to become a better homemaker, despite being a single-working-mom, I found some useful online tools /printables that have made a big difference.

The first thing I did was Google eBooks on organizing the home and Time Management. In my research I found someone had written about scheduling their day – hour by hour. What a concept! It was like an epiphany for me. Being a Project Manager at work, I am big on scheduling my day due to conference calls with clients, wireframes to create, design reviews, website deliveries, etc. I am VERY productive at work. But every time I got home, it seemed like I had no time for anything to do at home. Cook? yeah right… Clean? hah, forget it! I just didn’t have the time… or so I thought.

I wrote out my schedule based on my typical day. I included my driving time, work for 8 hours, and even my computer time. It turns Weekly Plannerout I still had time left over! What I realized was that I was spending WAY too much time surfing the web and just being lazy. I am big on relaxing and recharging but I definitely don’t need to spend that much time during the week doing NOTHING. I challenge you to write out your typical day and see what you find.

Ok, so I am a lazy mom … now what? Well I started researching more tips and came across all these printables you can get for free online. Some of them are really cute and “country” and some are even religious. A LOT of the forms I found were for stay at home moms or work at home moms. They had things like doing Laundry every day!  I was looking for something simple, linear, functional, and realistic but I’ve included some fun ones too. 🙂

All of these lists and charts go into my new “Working Mom Homemaker Binder.” I keep all my documents in there including stamps, bills to pay, etc. This way it’s all in one place and I can take it with me everywhere I go.

Cleaning Charts:

Simple Cleaning Chart – This one is fun and very simple. Great if you’re really short on time and need something to just help you keep up.

Martha Stewart’s Weekly Cleaning Chart – no really, it’s from Martha Stewart

Menu Planning and Shopping:

Creative Menu Planner– I think this one is cute 😉

Shopping Lists – Multiple shopping lists, great for multiple grocery store shopping in the same day

To Do Lists:

Buttoned Up Daily To Do – one of my favorite Daily To do lists

Balanced To do  – simple to do printable for working moms.

Not so Linear To Do – I also like this one. It’s less structured but still gives you a place for everything important.

Weekly Planning Chart – This one is my favorite… Linear style

Weekly Planner – more creative

So what’s your favorite chart / list / printable? I’d love to see what else is out there that I haven’t seen yet. I think I’ve found a new obsession 😀


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