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Vector vs. Bitmap Graphics

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Do you know the difference?

I have found that most of my clients do not. But it can be very important if you are planning to market something online and/or on print.

Some people find it to be a complicated concept to grasp. I will try to explain the differences below and hope someone finds this post helpful!

First I will define what a bitmap graphic is, since this is the type of graphic that most people will encounter most of the time. Bitmaps are images made up of a bunch of pixels. What are pixels? Pixels are tiny dots … so a bunch of tiny dots make up a bitmap graphic. Don’t believe me? Open up a regular digital picture on your computer and zoom into it A LOT. You will start to see all the dots that make up that picture. So if you scan a picture to your computer or move a picture from your digital camera to your computer, those are all bitmaps.

Bitmap formats include:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • PSD (Adobe Photoshop

Ok – so what’s a vector graphic?

Vector graphics are made up of scalable objects which are represented by mathematical equations instead of pixels. What that means is that they stay at very high quality regardless of the size. So you are able to make them larger, smaller, or any size you want and it will always be a high resolution graphic. There won’t be any fuzziness or blurriness. This is especially useful when using logos for web design, business cards and other branded collateral.

The most common formats are:

  • AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • EPS
  • PDF

Well I hope this helps a little. There’s a lot more I could go into but hopefully now when your designer asks you for a “raw” file or “high-res vector” of your logo, you’ll understand why!


Fun surprise for your kids

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If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I am a single mom to an 8 year old boy. This means he’s not with me every day and so we don’t get to see each other after school and spend all of our nights together. I miss him a lot and I thought maybe he missed me too on those days.
One day I found this cool little craft on Pinterest and it got my creative wheels spinning. The idea is intended to be an Overseas care package and you can see it here. Well I thought, why don’t I create one of these with a special surprise for him each day? This way he can have something from me at the end of the day even though I don’t get to be there. I didn’t have time to find cute paper to measure, cut out and glue to the inside; but I thought I would at least put it together and see the response.

It was a hit!! Not only with my son, but apparently with all his friends in after-school-care. After the first week was over he asked me where the new one was. Because all of his friends were asking him “what’s today’s surprise??” He got way more out of the craft than I would have ever thought. This not only gave him a connection to me, but also something to share with his peers.

I stuff the envelopes with printable activities and kid jokes. When I call him in the evenings, he tells me the joke as if he had thought of it! It’s very cute đŸ™‚

Here are some of the sources I use for his weekly surprise:

Need more ideas? Google anything! It’s amazing how many fun things are out there that you can put in the envelopes. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or post a comment. Have fun!


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In my efforts to become a better homemaker, despite being a single-working-mom, I found some useful online tools /printables that have made a big difference.

The first thing I did was Google eBooks on organizing the home and Time Management. In my research I found someone had written about scheduling their day – hour by hour. What a concept! It was like an epiphany for me. Being a Project Manager at work, I am big on scheduling my day due to conference calls with clients, wireframes to create, design reviews, website deliveries, etc. I am VERY productive at work. But every time I got home, it seemed like I had no time for anything to do at home. Cook? yeah right… Clean? hah, forget it! I just didn’t have the time… or so I thought. Read the rest of this entry

Working Mom Homemaker – Bartering

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Last week I wrote about trying to be a better Homemaker. However, being a working single mom, I was having difficulty accomplishing everything I wanted. One of the things I tried is bartering.

In this post I’ll discuss the following:

  • What is bartering?
  • How to barter
  • Saying No
  • My experiences

Read the rest of this entry

Working Mom Homemaker

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I seemed to have had yet another change in mood and outlook on life. It’s been about my home and son. I felt I wanted to bworking mom homemakere a better homemaker. For so long I have been running around being a single mom, driving everywhere, working, and trying to keep things in order. By the time I got home from work and made dinner, I was DONE. The whole cycle was making me feel unaccomplished and disorganized.

I started to look things up online and brainstorming ideas to fix my problem. It turns out, lots of other people felt the same way! So sure enough there are thousands of resources online. There are blogs everywhere with ideas and organizing printables to help you keep your home in order. However, most of the blogs are for stay at home moms or work at home moms. So there is a LOT of stuff that is not transferable to my lifestyle, but I have been able to customize things to fit my needs. In the next couple of posts I will try to give tips and ideas of what I have personally done to achieve my goals and become a better working mom homemaker.

Here is a general list of some of the things I’ve done and will cover:

  1. Bartering – can be amazing!
  2. Homemaker Binder or Folder
  3. Printables – todo lists and checklists
  4. eBooks
  5. Scheduling your day – hour by hour
  6. And eventually I hope to dabble into Menu planning

If you have felt the same and have a tip, suggestion, or printable you’d like to share then please post a comment or contact me!

Supplementing School Lessons

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Supplementing School Lessons

A couple of months ago I saw my son’s grades dropping on his Math tests. While we did homework it was quite apparent that he had no idea what he was really doing. He is in 2nd grade, so there wasn’t anything really “hard” about what he was learning, yet he didn’t seem to be catching the concepts. And one day I asked him how he did on his Math test and he told me that the whole class had failed and so the teacher is going to give them the test again.

My son has always come home with complaints about his focus in class and originally I was concerned his lack of focus was the contributing factor to his dropping grades. But when he told me that ALL the kids had failed, I suspected an other issue. So I started to teach him myself when he came home from school.  I cut out papers to make “dollars” and taught him basic concepts of rounding and estimating, etc. He wasn’t having too much fun though. But he was learning the concepts. It was tough, it really wasn’t how I wanted to spend the few hours I have with him during the week after work.

Then a friend of mine posted something on Facebook about MIT providing free online lessons (not for a degree). And oKhan Academyne of HIS friends posted about an online school that teaches in video format. I thought to myself, this is going to be perfect for him. With all the video and computer games, interacting online would feel comfortable to him. The website is Khan Academy. They have a variety of FREE online lessons for a large range of levels. I watched some of the lessons and noticed that they were using multiple colors on screen to show how the problem was solved. Which is great because people learn much better that way!

So one day I told my son, we were going to do things differently now. We were going to better ourselves and part of that meant doing Math lessons. He was less than thrilled…. He started crying right away saying he didn’t want to waste his time etc. I’m pretty sure I had to bribe him and minimize the lesson to 3 to 5 minutes or something like that. And then I let him go play outside. But he LEARNED something. So when he got to school the next day he was able to do his Math work more easily. He was hooked right then and there. The next day he came over, he ASKED for the Math lesson!

In literally 3 videos, my son went from failing his Math tests to an A. He now gets 100% on all of his Math tests and it somehow also motivated him in his Reading. He has been doing very well on his tests and I couldn’t be more proud.

Free Vector Graphics

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How awesome is the internet? Check out these FREE vector graphics